'Lend-It-All Man' and 'The Moneyless Man' all in the online Guardian

Challenging articles from the Moneyless Man on Guardian on-line
My work with Edmund Johnson on has been recognised in:
"If you have stuff you want to share, but not give away, there are organisations that look after that also. allows you to post whatever items you own (and willing to share) – such as DVDs, sewing machines or a beach hut – and then borrow whatever items you need temporarily. And just like the capitalist economy, there is choice, with and taking a slightly different slant on the same concept. Resources and money are saved, neighbours brought together, and friendships made." (The Guardian, Moneyless Man)

The 'Lend-It-All Man' blog began today: The Lend-It-All Man makes the usual mistakes;
the first video

Next Steps?
Why not join "The Lend-It-All Man" in offering what you can on and seeing what it's like to open to a world of generosity. The 'New Society' you can create around you starts with you sharing.
Register at here, then add a sewing machine, a beach-hut or just a DVD.
(Borrow a Beach Hut Blog)

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