Hastings Community-Building Information Centre

"Hastings #CommunityDevelopment Info Exchange" was a plan developed over summer 2013; initially requiring a strong team and suitable premises. "Suitable premises" was thought to mean "a shop" but it was realised that the promotion of Streetbank, Timebank, & Care4Care etc could be undertaken (quite possibly better) based from Community Centres, such as the Southwater Area Community Centre, TN37 6LA, where Mediation Support (co-creator of St Leonards' Sharing Consortium) is based.

Here's the full playlist central to which is Heinz Wolff's Care4Care.mov idea:

And tens of thousands of viewers of this toothpaste007 video:

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Now here's Heinz:

And here's my less succinct attempt at interviewing him (in 2010):

This is on my playlist of interviews:

Will you contribute to this playlist soon?

And here's the Lower Ground floor of the property that was nearly bought to be renovated (using Timebank hours?):

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