#gibberish #Crosland WTF

My hope in copying the facebook conversation below is that, with this explanation, it can be seen that ‎"There's method in [my tweeting] madness" (to paraphrase the play of plays?; Hamlet).

I ask that you please trust that what may be unintelagabble to you may be rich with meaning to others and/or worthy of future enquiry before consigning me to a bin.

I guess that all in all I'd like the world to be gentler with me (& all) in how it asks me (& all) to conform with "consensus reality", and I'd like to become more aware and compassionate when I too think I'm hearing "gibberish" ie when I'm outside my comfort zone and at risk of abandoning the principles of engagement and inclusivity.
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  • Is anyone up for "Living on Borrowed/Given/Traded Time - Right Livelihood adventures in #Timebanking"? #Hastings #StLeonards #Anywhere? #NVC
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      • Chris Gidlow ‎#gibberish #Crosland WTF
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      • Paul Crosland Dear Chris, Are you feeling disappointed because you like simplicity and clarity? Do you have a clear request that I could respond to?
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      • Paul Crosland Dear Chris, when I read the words #Gibberish #Crosland I feel sad and hurt as they do not meet my need for inclusivity, care, recognition (of what I'm working on) and respect, amongst other needs. Could you tell me please how hearing this impacts on you?
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      • Paul Crosland And would you help me understand your 'No' as it is unclear to me whether that was a "Yes, No" or a "No No" to the two questions asked?
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      • Chris Gidlow I prefer comments which turn up in my Facebook feeds to be in normal English without musical notation, Leet or texting abbreviations or funny groups of colons and brackets. It is a tribute to my respect for you and the thought provoking nature of some of your posts that (unlike other users of these silly devices) I have not had you screened out.
        No means no!
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      • Paul Crosland 
        Thank you, Chris for tolerating some of what you find irritating in order to get some needs for intellectual stimulation (& connection) met. I will try and put what I condensed into a tweet into full sentences, as this now appears to be you
        r implied request in replying "#gibberish #Crosland WTF". I've just come back from a weekend of Buddhists exploring how to build new ethical, team-based working opportunities (right livelihood) and experienced some disappointment at the level of understanding or interest in how timebanking (to me) is the most interesting way of progressing with this ethical exploration. Having nearly bought a flat to be rented out on the basis of six time-banked hours a week, and remaining committed to the project of influencing UK Timebanking more successfully than I did when last contracted in by Timebanking UK for my social media skills (complete with hash tags and @ signs), I alighted on a prospective book (or blog) title this morning that i wanted to celebrate ie Living on Borrowed Time. I decided to give this idea out to anyone who follows tweets about #timebanking and to also express my view that projects build best if they are undertaken with the spirit, knowledge-base and skills of nonviolent communication, which is abbreviated to #NVC. I'm sad that you have been (what I evaluate as) "so retiscent" in this communication as to not make your request more explicit sooner, and I hope that communications which
        others receive from you which have abbreviations including swear words etc do not trigger upset. I'd like to know in face to

        face conversation soon (dinner out Friday?) the extent to which you feel connected (to me), how that relates to what you'd

        most want from our friendship (eg CIV playing at the drop of a (monopoly) hat etc) and what it will take for you to commit to

        5th October (2nd Pier Fire Anniversary) 10am-5pm and 7pm-9.30pm?
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      • Chris Gidlow That makes a lot more sense! We are away communing with Nature and the Brookes on Friday, as it happens. I apologise for my intolerance of your communication methods. It is your status and you can express yourself as you wish

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