The Story Behind "Secrets of the Norman Invasion" & copies of the book available from

The film of the Story Behind "Secrets of the Norman Invasion" is also now out! I await reviews from my Historian friend, personal biographer, Queen's employee and friend of 30+ years, Chris :
All feedback as welcome as I am can make myself open to.

If you don't like what I do try or do you know a better way for someone who wants a heart-to-heart with you (or vica versa)? If it's not communication from and positively to the heart you want, what theory of trying to / wanting to change people's behaviour do you work from & does it really work?
How about ApologyPlus - more than sorry ?

Love from Paul
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& servant of the (WisdomCompassion?) machine that aspires to be for the world
(beyond my consciousness)
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PS. How do you want to be loved?
PPS. What's my role in that?
PPPS. My preferred ways of co-creating a "more caring and sharing
community" around you me and us is on my home page:
(I like to be loved by people subscribing to the YouTube Channel $. Giving feedback on the output from my Playfully Serious Community Development heart.)
& what you can expect from me is here:

*"Of course, there's nothing wrong with being wrong", by which I mean that there is no fixed moral value attached to making mistakes. They are what they are - not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Also - from an F.M. Alexander perspective it is by ‘being wrong’ that we break habits and discover the flow of life.

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