Call This Democracy?

On getting elected to represent the constituency of Hastings & Rye with just 49.6% of the ballots cast, Sally-Ann Hart said that she “will be representing all of you regardless of how you voted.” As the Parliamentary candidate (2019-2029?) who stood for the decision making processes that enable us to “Move Forward More Together” , and has now taken the energy of the “Hastings Citizen Manifesto” to generate the UK-wide stand for “Grassroots Manifestoes” I want to know what policies you’d need the local MP to support for them to represent you? 
Democracy need not be a choice of three or four “set menus” but built up from below with a choice of policies only limited by our creativity in meeting the extraordinary challenges of our times.
I will work hard to give voice, as best I can, to the 32.4% of the Hastings and Rye electoral roll - that’s 26,250 people - who didn’t vote in the 2019 election. 

I stood because Politics in the UK seemed broken and the possibility of Independent Candidates giving power back to the constituents seemed to have been forgotten. To show a glimpse of what could be achieved by voting for a truly accountable Independent Candidate, let me know what policy or policies being implemented by this government would be what you’d want any candidate holding a balance of power -even the 1% of the vote I gained in 2019- to push for so that the MP acts with the consent of the majority; not just 33% of the vote. Those who voted Independent and those who didn’t vote together almost outnumbers those who voted for the current MP. Democracy has a long way to go. Subscribing to this blog is one way to join a journey which seeks the most positive use of social media to bring out the 10 policies that matter most to every constituent and have meaningful dialogue between all those who differ. Your considered thoughts and best intentions please, you in advance for your comments below,Paul

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