What do you wish for from the coming year?

What am I doing with 2013?

My main interview themes these days:

  1. "What does getting to be 100 mean to you?"
  2. Are you on track with fulfilling the purpose of this life of yours now?
  3. What does British mean to you?
  4. Do you know anyone whose life I could change for the better by my presence at the right time and/or £250 from the cash machine (& if not, why not?)
Here's the key link to my selected stream of recorded consciousness
I'm taking Buddhism seriously now after 14 years of meditation (allegedly) i.e. to use Vessantara's phrase, I'm entrusting more and more to the three jewels (The Buddha, His teaching and the community following that path). I'm grateful that I can eke out a small inheritance to support me for another year in regular visits to the London Buddhist Centre and to a retreat centre in Norfolk whilst I continue to work -at the most personal level yet- on conflicts in my life (& supporting others in conflict around me, I hope). I plan in 2013 to go travelling and enquiring of people I meet what "getting to be 100" means to them. Let's meet up and incorporate into that meeting an interview on this topic, please.

More specific goals/working grounds are:
1) 6 points of family harmonisation
Here are some of the background films relevant to my December 2012 commitment:
"I stand for working together responsibly with family resources and needs within the family."
(March 1st 2012) (March 26th 2012) (June 11th 2012) (July 6th 2012) (October 24th 2012) (November 13th 2012) (December 22nd 2012) (December 23rd 2012)

2) Development of my work on "Loving & Healing Mistrust & Fear" such that it is in a format useful to others experiencing mistrust & fear.

Dedicated spaces for having conflicts from Restorative Circles on Vimeo.

3) 6 Actors willing to improvise the story of "King Lear and a right pair of mediators" & have it filmed.

4) Research into Britishness & Ageing for "2066 -the movie"

5) Preparation of a course on Buddhist Ethics
- Buddhist scripture on purifying the gathering of those listening to the Buddha's words - How being a hermit helps others

6) In preparation for ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order (one day in the next 10 years, I guess) Deepening my Sangha connections & going for refuge

7) Some walkabout/pilgrimage eg living on £3/day and picking litter in every East Anglian village through which I pass.

8) Some new skills eg guitar or mandolin, so that I can better play the troubadour, replete with unrequited love.

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