6th Anniversary of Pier Fire -Crunch time

In April 2011, Anonymous added the following comment on the main Hastings Pier Fire blog:
Why not offer the two 19 year olds an open invitation to clear their names on this site? 'My six months of hell as an innocent man', 'At last, a chance to share in the town's grief for the loss of its historic heart.' I know that if I was innocent of this sort of serious charge, I'd be setting up a website myself to set the record straight.
Unless some of us take the necessary collective action in the interests of all, by October 2016 the 24 year old and 25 year old who were arrested will have had 6 years without clearing their names!! Hopefully the community will learn the value of collective action that ensures justice for all by 2016! Here is a 2016 scenario that has been a driving concern of my hub company, Mediation Support Ltd, since 2007: To begin the preparation for this (almost inevitable) scenario, and enabling a more communitarian outcome (Dunkirk Spirit), please stretch yourself by offering your most valuable and useful resources and skills (or at least those with significant idling time) on http://streetbank.com (as promoted on http://freelenders.blogspot.co.uk) -specifically this post on that blog And while you are at building this new community of mutual support, earn time-credits for doing it that will support you now or in your retirement: http://stleonardssharing.blogspot.co.uk

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