Print your own local community loyalty card

Yes, you can get the benefits of the local Community Loyalty Card by printing your own out from this page, or by designing one and introducing it in your area.
The only difference between the print-out ones and the ones you pick up as a colour postcard from the Coastal Currents festival & the 5th/6th October events to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Hastings Pier Fire is that the colour printed ones are also given out with St Leonards Timebank credits on them, so that you can claim back time from St Leonards Sharing Consortium timebank members, all of us who do a range of things we like doing for others in order to earn our timebank credits and be more independent, connected and generating social justice in East Sussex.
The (draft) campaigning moto is :
Social Justice:

24 timebank credits a day

for all!

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