Coastal Currents 2012

The individual videos of the 2012 Coastal Currents playlist I have put up can be seen (& hence shared by you with others more easily) here

I hope that something prompts you sufficiently to give feedback (of any kind; it is all useful to me) & inspires you to contribute to Hastings Tube -or even to co-create it on the 2nd anniversary of Hastings Pier Fire 

Patience is perhaps the greatest virtue with which you might watch the 2012 Coastal Currents playlist; a few clips at a sitting, or skipping some as you see fit. It would probably take a number of sittings to see all that's here, and if it wasn't worthwhile then please add that comment to the bottom of the playlist.

In future, rather than be faced with a large pile of my videos all at once (& the occasional one from someone else that makes it into a toothpaste007 playlist) why not subscribe to Channel Toothpaste007 and get updates of future videos just a few at a time!!

And to take the best of what I produce and put it into the best of all else in Hastings & St Leonards (on YouTube or yet to make that transition), do please phone/text me on Zero7807066202 so that you can join in the Friday 5th October and Saturday 6th October leap into a new type of YouTube channel -no longer 'MeTube'; more 'UsTube' i.e.


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