Coastal Currents 2012 Open Studio - Beachy Head View

A multi-faceted exhibition starting with Mark Roberts' displaying 13 of his gothic paintings, having built his connection with "Hastings & St Leonards Action for Happiness" by co-creating
Beyond this, Paul Crosland invites you in to join in "Community Development Art" & the emergence of a new Hastings, St Leonards & Bexhill community YouTube channel to be "more popular than the News at 10".
Exhibition visitors will see many video installations & the economics of "systemic win" on display, following recognition of Paul's work by "The Moneyless Man" & Forum for the Future. In the garden -which has an excellent view of Beachy Head- you will find supersize fridge magnets and Maybrick44's “Man of Shirts”.

Each visitor will receive their "Community Loyalty Card" & ways to lower the "cost of living in St Leonards" (Google that, or Google "Paul Crosland, the famous playwright").
Your Community Loyalty Card also gives you a queue-jumping opportunity in relation to the second anniversary of the pier fire:
1) Please keep Friday 5th October free
2) Please follow news on
3) Please subscribe to
Thank you for playing.

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